Frequently asked questions

Where does the boat depart from?

Treasure Girl departs from multiple locations! Check out our latest tours to see which locations we depart from.

When should I arrive?

We all have been fashionably late, but the Treasure Girl sticks to a strict time schedule, so please arrive 30 minutes ahead of time to secure your seat! 

Can children attend?

Of course! Children are encouraged to come! We have designated times for all ages. But if you are ever looking for a romantic date night, or an evening out with adult friends, we offer 21+ tours.

Are there private tours available?

If you are looking for a private tour, look no further! We'd love to be the next hottest venue for your private event or party! Check out our different package deals to customize your event!

How many people does the Water Taxi hold

The boat is coast guard approved for 44 passengers. 

Can you pick up large groups?

Yes, but the capacity of our boats is limited by the Coast Guard. Once we fill up that's it.  Please call regarding group events and rates.  When booking a private venue we can pick up at other locations if proper docking is provided.

Are strollers allowed on the boat?

They are permitted but must be folded up and stored during the ride.

can we tip?

Yes! Our crew puts in a lot of time and effort into making sure everyone is safe and having a great time so, an endeavor would be greatly appreciated among our captains and mates.

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